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About the refinery

Salma’s Refinery is a start-up company initiated by its founder Salma Adel in 2011, then later co-founded by Waleed Hachache in 2021. Salma’s Refinery is a company offering three distinct services, which all fall under the category of “healthy lifestyle”. These three categories are: Beauty, food, and communication. The company has two production lines and one service line. The two product lines are 100 % customizable and personalized chemical and cruelty free beauty products for the skin and hair and healthy meals for athletes, pregnant women, and diabetic patients. These two products are personalized to ensure fast effectiveness with the product users. The service line is 100% customizable language development courses, which are taught by well-trained, certified, and experienced passionate language teachers and humanists, and which aim at delivering a language course that teaches effective understanding and communication skills.

This platform is 100% genuine and purposeful. You are about to experience being in a clean, healthy, and accommodative place. Whether you are a somebody who strives to add value to someone else's life,  you can join our community service program and get unlimited opportunities to make a difference in the world, or if you're somebody who is seeking an opportunity to develop a cleaner body and mind, you can enjoy our personal care, nutrition, and language development programs, which will certainly add value to your life. 

Company Vision


We envision our hometown residents eating, thinking, and appearing clean. The Refinery aims to fill the town with 100% natural beauty Salons, where ladies would enter and get a beautifully hand-crafted and simple-looking braid, and upon leaving each lady would pay an affordable and reasonable price for her hair style, while leaving with a naturally looking style with zero % chemical or heat used.
We envision our course graduates able to speak their minds using effective language, able to set healthy boundaries for themselves, competent to start their own businesses with scientific planning and tangible execution strategies.
We envision all our product users walking around feeling energized and healthy, motivated and strong, because they eat well, think well, and look their best.

Company Mission

The founder, co-founder, and team members of the refinery share a couple of values in common; they all have a value to add, for they believe in their community, and in honesty and respect. The Refinery has a mission; this mission is to always provide the best quality products by constantly researching the most updated scientific discoveries in the areas of the human body and language development. It will always make sure to encourage learning to all its members and customization to its users, rather than mass production, waste of resources and labor exploitation. The company aims to use 100% recycled packaging and eco-friendly supply.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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