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Clean Beauty

From the name, you can infer that this is about clean everything: ingredient, working environment, human interaction, packaging , and product benefits. A clean personal care product is one that is made up of ingredients that are natural and naturally derived; there should not be any usage of industrialized or synthetic ingredients in a clean product. However, While many companies market their products might be free of synthetic materials, Salma's Refinery is about the cleanliness of the entire process. For us clean means fresh, sanitized, high-quality, sustainable and efficiently calculated. None of our products may harm the body or the environment.

Products are free from:

-Synthetic preservatives.

-Artificial colorants. 

-Artificial Fragrances.

-Heavy metals.

Person using facemasks
Person using facemasks

How can using a clean personal-care product contribute to a healthy individual ?

Imagine using a product that has toxic ingredients such as lead and arsenic can have serious impacts on the health of  us and the environment.

There are health benefits of using natural beauty products.

our products have a vast range of benefits for your skin & health, because they contain natural oils that moisturize your skin & hair.

Examples for natural ingredients

- Honey: moisturizing & healing

- Charcoal: cleanses skin

- Aloe vera: Anti-inflammatory, moisturizer, healing, anti-aging

-Green tea: protects against skin cancer, anti-aging, treats acne. 

-Cucumber: Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, anti-aging.

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Natural Cosmetics in Petri Dish
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