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Welcome to Salma's Refinery

A Personalized Approach to Learning , Personal care, & Nutrition. 

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Organic skin & hair care beauty line for healing & breaking free from heat and Synthetic chemicals.

Customizable organic meals, snacks, and nutrition plans &  for a lighter energetic flow & a healthy body. 

Customizable language development course based on your IQ, learner type, & learning goals. 



About the Refinery
Salma’s Refinery is a start-up company initiated by its founder Salma Adel in 2011, then later co-founded by Waleed Hachache in 2021. Salma’s Refinery is a company offering three distinct services, which all fall under the category of “healthy lifestyle”. These three categories are: Beauty, food, and communication. The company has two production lines and one service line. The two product lines are 100 % customizable and personalized chemical and cruelty free beauty products for the skin and hair and healthy meals for athletes, pregnant women, and diabetic patients. These two products are personalized to ensure fast effectiveness with the product users. The service line is 100% customizable language courses, which are taught by well-trained, certified, and experienced passionate language teachers and humanists, and which aim at delivering a language course that teaches effective understanding and communication skills.

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