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Woodsman Beard Balm is made of 100% organic ingredients:

- Refined Shea Butter

- Refined Mango Butter

- Beeswax

- Argan Oil

- Palm Kernel Oil

- Cannabis Hemp Seed Sativa Oil

- Essential Oil of Bergamot

- Essential Oil of Lavender

- Essential Oil of White Musk

- Essential Oil of Cedar

- Essential Oil of Sandal Wood

- Vitamin E




- Softens Beard hair making it appear long

- Hydrates Beard Itchiness

- Adds a scent to your beard

- Multipurpose ( can be used to style hair and hydrate it for long hours; can also be used on dry skin to protect it from environmental stressors)

Woodsman Beard Balm

ضريبة شاملة
  • Dampen your beard using warm water. Rub a small amount of the balm into your palm, then work it through your still-damp facial hair using your fingertips. If you're using the beard balm as a deep-conditioning mask, rub it through your facial hair, then leave for three minutes before rinsing thoroughly using warm water.


    بلل لحيتك بالماء الدافئ. افرك كمية صغيرة من البلسم في راحة يدك ، ثم مررها على شعر وجهك الذي لا يزال رطبًا باستخدام أطراف أصابعك.

    إذا كنت تستخدم بلسم اللحية كقناع ترطيب عميق ، فافركيبه شعر وجهك ، ثم اتركه لمدة ثلاث دقائق قبل شطفه جيدًا باستخدام الماء الدافئ.

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